Tag Team titles not vacant anymore!

Published: 30/05/2022

3 teams, 2 matches, only 1 winner remained. The event of Chapter 7 started with a huge and a first time ever match in PWM history, 3 man tag team gaundlet match for the PWM Tag Team Championships. The teams consisted of Joel Redman & Kian Kelly, Smokin’ Aces and the local pairing of Adam Envy and Neil Hendrix.

The first match started off between the 2 british teams and Joel Redman with his partner Kian Kelly made sure to separate their opponents and take advantage in the early stages of the match, however Smokin’Aces showed everyone why they are one of the best tag team in UK by turning the tide around and winning the first bout.

Neil Hendrix made his way to the ring and then Caroline made her PWM debut by announcing the ‘Fabulous’ Adam Envy who made a sneak attack on the Smokin’Aces before being stopped by his tag partner, who clearly did not want anything to do with those kind of shenanigans.

The second match was an ongoing assault from both teams, both of which showed the intensity and the will to become the new PWM championship. When everything seemed that the win was going to go to the more experienced team, the Smokin’Aces, Neil Hendrix and Adam Envy put their differences aside, and with a little help from Caroline, they managed to get the pinfall and become the new PWM Tag Team Champions.


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