Vampire Vanquished: Neil Hendrix Claims Redemption at Carnival Clash!

Published: 21/02/2024

The Carnival Clash crowd was treated to a mesmerizing spectacle as The Ringleader, Neil Hendrix, faced off against the enigmatic Vampire, Belthazar. Hendrix, determined to make a statement after falling short in the Baron Cup fatal-4-way bout at Fall Brawl, found himself up against the mysterious newcomer to these shores.

Hendrix wasted no time asserting his dominance, initiating the match with a flurry of impressive acrobatic maneuvers that left the Vampire bewildered. Belthazar, attempting to disrupt the flow of the Ringleader, frequently exited the ring in an attempt to regroup.

Despite Hendrix’s early momentum, Belthazar turned the tide in his favor by resorting to dirty tactics, including hair-pulling and choking Hendrix on the ropes. The Ringleader faced adversity but managed to mount a comeback, unleashing a series of powerful kicks. Hendrix showcased his prowess with a signature Tornado DDT, setting the stage for his finishing move, the top rope elbow drop.

The culmination of Hendrix’s relentless offense proved too much for the Vampire to handle, securing a triumphant victory for The Ringleader. This win provides Hendrix with a significant boost of momentum as he looks forward to Summertime Madness IV on May 18th, ready to continue his journey in Pro Wrestling Malta.


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