Battle of the Italian Heartbreakers at Fall Brawl

Published: 16/11/2023

It was a true battle of the Italian Heartbreakers at Fall Brawl, where Nico Narciso faced off against the rose-carrying Riccardo Pellegrino in an intense bout. Nico was in no mood for roses, however, who attacked Pellegrino before the bell rang to exercise his power over his fellow countryman. Pellegrino was not going down without a fight, however, and would come back with some strikes of his own, while endearing to the Pro Wrestling Malta crowd and showing off his sexiness with a few pelvic twists in between maneuvers.

Nico would continue to assert his dominance over Pellegrino throughout the bout, however, and would get the victory thanks to a devastating inverted fireman’s carry.

Nico Narciso hits an inverted Fireman’s Carry to get the victory over Pellegrino

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