Briefcase still has not been cashed in

Published: 09/12/2021

During Good Friends, Better Enemies, our last event before the pandemic began back in February 2020, Owen Blanco won the Carnival Rumble match and also won the opportunity to cash in on a title shot whenever and wherever he feels like it. He became only the second person to win this opportunity, after Glamorous Roddy won the first ever one.

With Jack Quinn having to go through two matches to both win and defend the PWM Championship in one night, everyone thought Owen Blanco would cash in at the end of the night, having had the advantage. But it seems that Blanco surprised everyone and kept hold of his briefcase and chance for a better opportunity. Maybe he was beat up after the match with Bambikiller, maybe he has a different plan in his mind. Whatever it is, Owen Blanco sure has something big up his sleeves and newly crowned PWM Champion Jack Quinn better stay on the highest alert, because Blanco can strike anytime and anyplace.

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