Brilliant performance by one of PWM’s upcoming stars

Published: 25/12/2021

The third match of Resurgence saw former PWM Champion and former PWM Tag Team Champion Red Scorpion take on one of PWM’s youngest and upcoming stars Neil Hendrix. It was clear from the beginning the difference in size and experience between the two combatants.

Scorpion came to the ring with a very well planned idea were he was going to mess with Hendrix’s mind and take control as soon as Hendrix makes the first mistake. The mind games started immediately as soon as the bell rang and Red Scorpion kept exiting and entering the ring to avoid locking up with Hendrix. Hendrix found an opportunity however and tried to put his opponent’s shoulders on the mat with a number of quick rollups before getting out powered by the veteran.

In the end, Red Scorpion ended up winning the match with his signature Falcon Arrow suplex, however throughout the match Neil Hendrix showed passion, fighting spirit and the will to get back up even when everything seemed lost. Hendrix showed great athleticism by throwing a variety of offensive moves towards his opponent, some of which we never saw being done by Neil Hendrix and anyone in PWM before.

We can all agree that the young Neil Hendrix, proved himself to everyone, fans and wrestlers alike, that he is a name to stay and someone that has a bright future in Pro Wrestling Malta and the whole pro wrestling industry.


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