Champion vs Champion ends in no contest

Published: 07/11/2019

The first ever Champion vs Champion match in PWM history, were PWM Champion Glamorous Roddy and BEW Champion Kieran Korrup was a match everyone was looking forward to and a match which would decide the better brand between Pro Wrestling Malta and British Empire Wrestling. Both champions had a huge weight to carry on their backs with both companies’s name on the line.

This was an evenly matched contest with BEW Champion Kieran Korrup taking his time in the start of the match to try and set up his own pace until he found an opening and took control of Glamorous Roddy with his dirty tactics. The local crowd in attendance was behind their local champion throughout the whole match and once Roddy hit his signature springboard back-elbow he was back in control and starting firing up and taking down his opponent any way he could.

When all was thought to be over and Roddy had the victory in his hands, he got on the top rope and managed to his his finisher, the frog splash. As the ref was counting the final 3 count, the pinfall was stopped by BEW athlete Damien. This made the ref call for the bell and end the match in a no contest while Damien kept hammering on the PWM Champion Glamorous Roddy.

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