Controversy at Hell-Oween

Published: 16/11/2018

Hell-Oween held on November 3rd at the Palace Theatre was a night full of surprises to say the least. At the end of the night after a hard fought match between Ron Corvus and PWM Champion Glamorous Roddy, the masked man returned for the n’th time and attacked the champion. After fighting back, Glamorous Roddy managed to remove the mask to reveal the identity of the masked man. To the surprise of everyone in attendance and the champion as well, the masked man turned out to be Red Scorpion! La Famiglia came for the save after Red launched another attack on the champion. With everyone thinking all is done for the night, La Famiglia showed their true colors once again and attacked Glamorous Roddy from behind and joining forces with their fellow italian. What does this mean for the future of PWM? With the two major teams in PWM aligning together, does anyone stand a chance to beat the new PWM Tag Team Champions?


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