Devastating Debut for ‘The Mauler’ at Summertime Madness III

Published: 28/07/2023

The PWM fans were in for a shock, as former Pro Wrestling Malta General Manager, Daoud Khan, returned with a chip on his shoulder, and a Mauler unleashed, prepared to take on any challenger. Khan had a bold message for the PWM locker room, claiming that the current crop of talent “bore” him, and that he has traveled the world, looking for the next “beast” of PWM, as he presented “The menace to society”, The Mauler.

Daoud Khan presents his beast, “The Mauler”

Khan then issued a challenge to anyone from the PWM fans in attendance who wanted to take on The Mauler in the ring – a challenge which was accepted by PWM Rookie, Sean Muscat. Like a lamb sent to slaughter, Muscat found it tough to compete against this beast, who made quick work of the 18-year-old rookie – defeating him with a devastating World’s Strongest Slam.

The Mauler proved to be too much for PWM Rookie, Sean Muscat

Khan was not pleased, however, and issued another open challenge on the Mauler’s behalf to anyone in the PWM locker room brave (or dumb) enough to come out and face The Mauler 1-on-1. Out comes out his second challenger of the evening, the Charismatic Womanizer of Pro Wrestling Malta, Riccardo Pellegrino.

The Mauler with a brutal splash onto “The Womanizer”, Riccardo Pellegrino

The cocky Italian also found it difficult against The Mauler, who proved to be impossible to beat – defeating Pellegrino in under 3 minutes with an earth-shattering powerbomb to make it 2 wins from 2 in a dominant debut for The Mauler.

Khan showcasing his client in front of the Pro Wrestling Malta fans

Will anyone be able to take down The Mauler? What other “beasts” has Daoud Khan found in his travels? Keep an eye out for Pro Wrestling Malta in the coming months as we dig deeper into Daoud Khan’s story with The Mauler.

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