Double win for Qiunn!

Published: 15/03/2022

The Pro Wrestling Malta Champion, Jack Quinn had to defend his title not once but twice during our last event and first of 2022, Quinn’s Gambit. Before taking on Kenzo Richards in the scheduled No Holds Barred match, Quinn’s celebratory speech was interrupted by none other than RENIK, the evil genius himself.

RENIK announced that his client, and the owner of the contract for the PWM Championship match at any desired time, Owen Blanco, was not able to be in attendance that evening. RENIK announced that with the contract expiring the next day, he would be activating the special clause that if Owen Blanco is not able to cash in, his manager RENIK is able to do so.

During the match RENIK showed that he was there truly to win the match and take the title with him, but even though he had all sorts of tricks up his sleeves, Quinn quickly hit his shining wizard for the 3 count.

In the main event of the night, Kenzo Richards challenged Jack Quinn for the PWM Championship. The match went all over the arena, starting in the ring, going through the crowd, both wrestlers using steel chairs and any weapon they can get their hands on. Everything seemed lost when Kenzo set up Quinn for his finisher, the piledriver, however Quinn reversed into a schoolboy, putting Kenzo in the ropes and Quinn finding an opening to his the shining wizard for a 3 count and defending the championship for two times in one night.

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