Envy and Blanco join forces at Fall Brawl!

Published: 14/11/2023

Following the beatdown of the new Baron Mikel Scicluna Cup holder, Jack Quinn at the hands of the Noble One, Owen Blanco, the Pro Wrestling Malta Champion, Adam Envy joined the fray to discuss a proposition with the Noble One. His plan was for the two to join forces to create a new faction and for the winner of the Rookie Showcase match between Sean Mifsud and the 13-year-old prodigy Luca Schembri to be the third member of their new stable.

With the stakes raised, the two young rookies gave it their all in a roughly contested bout, with Sean getting the victory with an inside cradle, which then led to Envy and Blanco attacking a defenseless Luca after the match to further assert their dominance and send a message to the entire Pro Wrestling Malta roster that this group is nothing to mess with.

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