First ever female title match in PWM history

Published: 04/11/2019

For the first time ever a female title match was held at a Pro Wrestling Malta event. BEW Female champion Kat Von Kaige came to Malta for the first time to defend her title against the German Lexa Valo. This was also the second time ever a female match happened in a PWM ring.

Kat Von Kaige took control at first and started showing off some classic wrestling by wearing down Lexa Valo’s head and neck. Lexa Valo took control by using cheating tactics on the champion. The challenger kept hammering on Kat Von Kaige, but the champion refused to give up, until finally she found an opening and started to fire back up and regained control of the match like a true champion does. Finally Kat Von Kaige hit her springboard bulldog for the 3 count and to retain her BEW Female Championship.

Pro Wrestling Malta is always looking to bring new and different wrestling to Malta and to PWM. As previously mentioned, this was only the second ever female wrestling match in PWM history. Want to see more female wrestlers in action in Malta? Send us an email on [email protected] with your suggestions!

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