Former NXT star faces off against up and coming PWM wrestler

Published: 13/02/2020

Another match announcement added to the already stacked card for the 29th of February event Good Friends Better Enemies. This time, former NXT Tag Champion Joel Redman will face off against ‘The Noble One’ Owen Blanco. Blanco has been climbing up the PWM ladder and making a huge impact for the past year and a half where since then he faced the likes of Hari Singh and Damien and was always a big challenge for both of the established UK stars. However in 2 weeks, he will be facing his biggest challenge yet, where he will go one on one with Joel Redman, one of the best international wrestlers in UK.

Redman has been wrestling since the age of 15 and has worked in all the major wrestling territories in the world. Currently an AJPW wrestler and first ever NXT Tag Champion, Redman has never been to Malta and will be looking to make a huge impression on his debut in just over 2 weeks. Redman had some words for the PWM and all fans from Malta which you can watch here

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