Freakshow Overpowers Hamez: Mauler’s Spear Seals Victory, Followed by Aggressive Assault

Published: 17/06/2024

The Pro Wrestling Malta fans were treated to an entertaining spectacle at Summertime Madness IV, as the former PWM Tag Team Champion Hamez teamed up with two Hungarian newcomers – Lil Mao and Mylan, to take on the mysterious new trio – The Freakshow, led by The Ringleader, Neil Hendrix. This new trio of wicked individuals consisted of Twisted Tommy, Sinister Roddy, and The Mauler – a fiendish group to say the least.

The match began with Twisted Tommy confronting a confused Hamez, who struggled to navigate the presence of these wicked individuals. Tommy’s intense stare unnerved Hamez, who hesitated to initiate the lockup. Acting fast, Hamez targeted Tommy’s arm, executing a quick arm drag and trying to pin the enigmatic clown. Tommy thwarted the pin attempt, then moved menacingly towards Hamez, locking eyes with an unsettling intensity.

Tommy asserted dominance with an illegal eye-rake, forcing Hamez into the corner. Unfazed, Hamez retaliated with a flurry of his signature strikes before tagging in his partner Mylan. Mylan confronted Twisted Tommy without hesitation, launching into a relentless offensive of his own. He then tagged in his Hungarian partner Lil Mao, who executed a devastating top rope cross-body. However, The Mauler intervened, targeting all three opponents and seizing control for The Freakshow.

Lil Mao tried his best to take down The Mauler, but his strikes were barely registering as The Freakshow asserted their dominance in the match. As Sinister Roddy entered the fray, Lil Mao looked to come back into the match, delivering a series of arm drags and looking for the tag – only for Hendrix to instruct his goons to take out Mao’s tag team partners, leaving the Hungarian all alone in a sea of freaks.

The Freakshow kept using a series of illegal tactics to take down their opponents, with Roddy distracting the ref and Hendrix again instructing his followers to take down Mao, leaving the Hungarian helpless against his opponents. Despite the overwhelming odds, Lil Mao showed resilience, staging a comeback against The Freakshow. He fought off their attacks and successfully tagged in Hamez. Hamez unleashed a punishing jumping clothesline on Sinister Roddy, followed by a spinebuster and his trademark People’s Elbow. He then executed a Samoan drop on the intervening Tommy, turning the tide of the match.

The formidable force of The Freakshow overwhelmed Hamez, culminating in The Mauler tagging himself in and delivering a devastating spear to secure the victory. Dissatisfied with just the win, Hendrix directed his followers to assault their opponents after the match. The Mauler obeyed, delivering spears to both Hungarians and an additional one to Hamez for good measure.

What’s next for this formidable trio, and what is Hendrix’s plan for them moving forward? We will find out on November 2nd, as Pro Wrestling Malta returns to Montekristo to present Ascend to Glory.

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