Getting to Know PWM Episode 1 feat Iz-Zghir

Published: 25/06/2019

Getting to Know is a new video series conducted by our backstage interviewer and official ring announcer, Hamez, where together we will be getting to know a number of PWM wrestlers, mainly the new up and coming athletes. Hamez will sit down with each one and will be asking a number of questions to find out more about the different characters and personalities that make up the PWM roster.

For the first episode, Hamez met with PWM’s youngest yet one of the most arrogant wrestlers from PWM, Iz-Zghir. Hamez begins the interview by asking Iz-Zghir (which translates to The Kid in English) what made him start his journey in professional wrestling at such a young age. Iz-Zghir told Hamez that it was always his dream to become a professional wrestler and would do anything to make his dream come true before arrogantly telling Hamez to ask him the next question.

Hamez followed up by asking Iz-Zghir to tell us something about himself and who inspired him in the sport of professional wrestling. Full of pride and ego, Iz-Zghir answered by saying that it was himself and his work only that inspires him in this sport. Iz-Zghir continued by saying that he prefers to be a singles wrestlers rather than in a tag team and that his goal is to be at the top of the PWM roster and become the PWM Champion.

A new video in the Getting To Know series will be uploaded every couple of days so make sure to keep checking our website and facebook page for the newest updates.



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