Gianni Valletta competes in the prestigious Champion Carnival tournament

Published: 06/05/2019

Champion Carnival is professional wrestling’s longest running singles tournament in history, which is oragnised by Japanese and international company AJPW. The first edition of the tournament was held back in 1973. For the first time ever Gianni Valletta competed in this prestigious tournament. Also the first time an athlete from Malta ever competed in the same tournament.

In the tournament 18 wrestlers from all over the world were split in 2 blocks, with 9 men in each block. The winners of each block face each other in the final match to determine the winner. Valletta was in block A which was stacked with world class athletes. The block was won by current AJPW Triple Crown Champion Kento Miyahara, who went on to win the tournament. Even though Valletta didnt win, he managed to get wins over a number of the favorites within his block, mainly former winner Ishikawa and also the champion himself Miyahara.

Valletta is still on his third tour in Japan with AJPW and will remain till the end of June for 2 more series before returning home in time for Pro Wrestling Malta’s next event Green-Mist featuring his tag team partner in Japan, former WWE star Tajiri.



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