Gianni Valletta finishes off a 3 week tour in UK with ASW

Published: 28/08/2019

Gianni Valletta, Malta’s own international Professional Wrestler, has just finished a 3 week summer tour in UK with one of Britain’s oldest promotions All Star Wrestling. This was his busiest tour ever with 27 matches in 21 days, working all over the West coast of England and Wales.  During this tour Valletta faced off a number of UK’s top talents like Dean Allmark, NXT UK Coach and British Legend James Mason, former NXT Tag Team Champion Oliver Gray and also one of his long time rivals Red Scorpion, who was also on the same tour.











All Star Wrestling produces some of the best family friendly and entertaining shows in the whole of UK, with crowds amounting to 1000+ people. With it being the oldest promotion in UK it has a lot of prestige as a company and all of its talent are great wrestlers who all bring something different to the roster. It was over a year since Valletta was in UK and will be looking to returning back again in the near future.

Fun Fact : Gianni Valletta isnt the first maltese professional wrestler to wrestle for ASW. In the late 70’s and 80’s Maltese born tag-team, Tony and Iggy Borg ‘The Borg Twins’, were a staple name for the company!

The Borg Twins

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