Great sportsmanship between Tajiri and Valletta

Published: 18/10/2022

In the main event of Summertime Madness 2, former WWE superstar and Japanese Pro Wrestling legend Tajiri took on his student and Tag Team partner in Japan, Gianni Valletta in a no countout match.

The two opponents clearly know each other well, with both of the wrestlers trying to get inside each others head by doing their opponents signature taunts.

The crowd was behind both of the wrestlers and the wrestlers soon took the fight back to the crowd with both brawling all over the arena. In the end the big man of the match, Gianni Valletta took control of the situation and tried to keep Tajiri down.

In the end Valletta however got cocky. He positioned Tajiri on a chair on the outside of the ring and went for a cannonball, but Tajiri knowing Valletta too well moved out of the way in the last second.

With Tajiri back in the game and regaining the upper hand, Valletta got down for the 3 count, but not before taking a chain shot to the head, a green misk to the face and a buzzaw kick from Tajiri.

In the end, to the joy of the whole crowd in attendance Tajiri and Valletta put their differences on the side, shook hands and hugged each other to end the night in the most memorable way.

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