Hard-Hitting Heavyweight bout in the main event at Fall Brawl!

Published: 11/12/2023

It was a heavyweight bout for the ages to main event Fall Brawl, as The Wildman, Gianni Valletta faced one of his toughest challenges in the 140kg Swiss Monster, Drake the Destroyer – the heaviest wrestler to ever step foot in a PWM ring! The match started with both wrestlers competing for who was the strongest, which proved to be tough to decide until Valletta got the upper hand with a devasting running shoulder tackle that managed to stagger Drake.

The Swiss Monster would take back control after Gianni failed with his attempt to bodyslam his 140kg opponent, who would take advantage with a series of slams, headbutts, and splashes, inflicting incredible pain on the Wildman throughout this bout between two hard-hitting heavyweights which left the crowd engaged throughout.

Gianni never stopped fighting, however, and managed to come back into the fight with a series of strikes, even managing to lift the Swiss Monster for a devastating vertical suplex, after which the fans got to see something unusual from Valletta – a suicide dive to the outside! It was clear that the former PWM Champion had to pull out all the stops to defeat this huge opponent. The final blow was dealt by Valletta after capitalising on Drake climbing the top rope and delivering an ultrasonic superplex from the top rope to get the victory over the 140kg monster. It’s a surprise the ring was still in tact after this bout!


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