History of the PWM Heavyweight Title

Published: 05/08/2018


The Pro Wrestling Malta heavyweight championship was debuted on 15th November 2015. Contested in a Royal Rumble style match, it was first won by Giuseppe (Joseph Hammer), who then proceeded to gift the title to Francesco Messina as show of allegiance.

Messina lost the title on 19th November 2016 to Gianni Valletta, in a triple threat match which also included Zach Gibson.

Gianni Valletta continued to hold the title until 9th June 2018, when Glamorous Roddy cashed in his contract opportunity and defeated Gianni.

On the 9th of March 2019, Red Scorpion managed to take down Glamorous Roddy with the help of his protege Leon.


Champion Date Notes
Giuseppe 15/11/2015 Winner of the championship battle royal
Francesco Messina 15/11/2015 Gifted by Giuseppe
Gianni Valletta 19/11/2016 Defeated Francesco Messina
Glamorous Roddy 09/06/2018 Cashed in on Gianni Valletta
Red Scorpion 09/03/2019 Defeated Glamorous Roddy
Tajiri 07/07/2019 Defeated Red Scorpion in Bologna
Glamorous Roddy 13/07/2019 Defeated Red Scorpion and Tajiri in a triple treat match to become first ever 2x PWM Champion
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