Iz-Zghir shows he can keep up with the big boys

Published: 05/04/2020

Iz-Zghir, the youngest wrestler at Pro Wrestling Malta had to face his biggest challenge yet at Good Friends Better Enemies, where he took on former PWM & Tag Champion Red Scorpion. The former champ was not in the mood for games and tried to humiliate and make quick work of the local young athlete.

Iz-Zghir however showed perseverance and fight in him and never stopped getting up from the beating being inflicted in him. After finding an opening, he started a barrage of clotheslines to finally put Scorpion down with a running flying clothesline.

After going back and forth giving a number of big moves and both athletes coming close for the win, it was the former champion, Red Scorpion who got the win with his finishing move, the falcon arrow.

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