Kieran Young and Neil Hendrix. The start of a new feud?

Published: 26/03/2020

One half of the former PWM Tag Team Champions, Kieran Young, returned to Malta, this time however to compete in a singles match. On the second bout of the night at Good Friends, Better Enemies, Young took on the up and coming PWM wrestler Neil Hendrix.

Young showed everyone in attendance that he has no time to waste and not giving any chance to Hendrix, he immediately attacked him from behind to try to take the early advantage in the match and getting an quick win. However Hendrix is not someone to take lightly. Being quick on his feet and very agile he managed to find an opening and with very impressive high flying moves almost got Kieran Young for a 3 count. Young managed to catch Hendrix off guard and hit a massive sit down powerbomb for the win.

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