La Famiglia taken down at Vendetta

Published: 28/03/2019

It was a roller coaster ride last 9th of March at Vendetta during the tag team title match between La Famiglia and TJ Sky & Kieran Young. Young came back to Pro Wrestling Malta after a year and a half hiatus after he suffered a serious injury when he broke both his tibia and fibula in an ice skating incident. It seems that the other members of La Famiglia were not there for him when he truly needed them, but TJ Sky was, thus Kieran decided to leave La Famiglia and join forces with long-time friend TJ Sky to take on the Tag Champs for the belts.

The match started in the usual TJ Sky fashion, when Sky was using all kind of different but weirdly effective ways to take control of the match. After getting an advantage on the champions, all the momentum the challengers managed to gain was lost, when Young landed awkwardly on his previously injured knee. PWM senior ref Daoud Khan immediately stopped the match and called for Young to be helped backstage so he can be take care of.

With the tables turned, La Famiglia took advantage of Sky, whom refused to stop the match even with his partner unable to continue. With La Famiglia being multiple times very close to getting the win, TJ Sky finally found an opening and managed to take Francesco Messina down. Sky tried to reach for the tag but with Young taken out, there was no hope for TJ Sky. When all hope was lost, Kieran Young, against the advice of the doctors backstage and the PWM staff who tried to stop him, forcefully got back to the ring and managed to make the tag! Fighting through the pain Kieran with the help of Sky took back control of the match and with some luck managed to topple the current champions on their first official defence! Impressive feat of fighting spirit and perseverance from the newly crowned champions. TJ Sky and Kieran Young will defend their belts on the 13th of July at Pro Wrestling Malta’s next event Green Mist featuring former WWE star Tajiri.


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