Local Wildman Gianni victorious in his toughest challenge yet – Spring Stampede

Published: 21/04/2023

A hard-hitting bout at Spring Stampede featured The Maori Warrior Niwa, up against PWM founder, Wildman Gianni Valletta. A New Zealander with 17 years of experience and still only 30 years old, Niwa gained his fame in Mexico thanks to his highly acrobatic and fast-paced style. Stacking up against Gianni Valletta, he would have to bring out the street fighter in him to get the better of the Wildman, who is currently on tour in Mexico, showcasing the hard-hitting style that he learned through his experiences with All Japan Pro Wrestling under the tutelage of the legendary Tajiri.

The Maori Warrior had to resort to dirty tactics by exposing the steel turnbuckle

Niwa with a camel clutch submission move on Valletta

An intense match followed in this international battle between two experienced competitors, with Valletta getting the upper hand early on before Niwa took control by dropping Valletta throat-first onto the top rope, and then exposing one of the turnbuckles and whipping the Wildman right into the exposed steel. A series of illegal moves and chokes behind the ref’s back followed, with Gianni fighting back only to be shot into the exposed steel again.

Gianni would find his way back thanks to a series of hard chops to the torso, leading to a body slam/leg drop combo, reminiscent of the great Hulk Hogan. Valletta needed to channel his inner Hogan in this bout, as Niwa kept proving to be a tough challenge to overcome for the AJPW star. Niwa hit Gianni with all he had, putting him in a camel-cluch submission, before hitting an explosive superplex from the top rope, leaving both men down.

What came next was a series of back-and-forth between the two competitors, both hitting each other with their best maneuvers but neither willing to budge. Gianni would eventually gain the upper hand, leading to him hitting a cross-body from the top rope, before hitting his finishing move, the Dead End, to pick up the victory in one of Valletta’s toughest tests yet on this island.

The Wildman picks up the victory after a hard hitting bout


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