Loss for team Malta, but pride in the team’s performance

Published: 31/05/2022

Chapter 7 saw a 6 man tag team match, pitting 3 British wrestlers going against 3 of the up and coming local wrestlers. Gorgeous George, Big Money Bobby Vegas and Gideon representing Team England, took on Team Malta consisting of Hamez, Renik and Kyle Brookes.

Team England took the upper hand in the beginning with a sneak attack during the Maltese national anthem and started working on Renik. At one point Renik found an opening and managed to tag in Hamez, who even though he got outnumbered, he got out of the way of Gorgeous George who instead hit Big Money Bobby Vegas and Hamez rolling up Gorgeous George to give the advantage to Team Malta.

Team England then made quick work of Renik who mid-match showed his true colours of the ‘evil genius’ and wanted to join Team England, but unfortunately for him Team England wanted nothing to do with him and he go eliminated by Bobby Vegas.

With a wrestler getting eliminated from each side,the matched continued in a classic tag team match fashion with Team Malta showing commitment and great teamwork, and even with the odds stacked against them, they managed to get the upper hand again and Kyle Brookes eliminating Bobby Vegas with a frog splash off the top rope.

Gideon, the final hope of team England, entered the ring with vengance and made quick work of Hamez, who got eliminated with a massive muscle buster after a barrage of chops. With Gideon carrying on a good momentum, he clearly thought that he would be winning the match. But Kyle Brookes had different thoughts. Kyle showed perseverance and toughness like we never seen him show in the ring, and in the end it took the interference of Bobby Vegas, who tripped the legs of Kyle Brookes whilst performing a brainbuster, with Gideon falling on Brookes for the 3 count and the victory for Team England.


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