Maltese Marauders wreck havoc in Malta

Published: 25/12/2021

Gianni Valletta and Malta the Damager back in 2016 teamed up for the first time in USA. Malta the Damager had been a resident in the American scene for years and had established himself as one of the most experienced heavyweights in the North Eastern area. Gianni Valletta was on his way on his first US tour and together with Malta the Damager they formed the heavyweight tag team of The Maltese Marauders.

After ending their first tour in the US undefeated and competing again for a number of dates in US and also in Mexico, finally the maltese duo were coming to Malta as a Tag Team in Pro Wrestling Malta’s comeback event Resurgence.

The two giants took on Nico Narcisio and Jason after the Italian duo jumped the Marauders. Showing clear signs of the experience they have working together, the Maltese Marauders were using quick tags and simple but effective double team maneuvers. Even though Nico Narcisio and Jason were not an easy opponent and did give the Maltese Marauders a good challenge, the two Maltese wrestlers got the 3 count for the win.

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