New Champions crowned at Hell-Oween

Published: 16/11/2018

Connor Matthews and Francesco Messina, La Famiglia, finally managed to beat The Kings of Beasts to win the Pro Wrestling Malta Tag Team Championships. This is a feud that started a year ago, when La Famiglia got themselves disqualified from the Tag Team Championship match after attacking the supposed opponents for the night,The Arrows of Hungary backstage.

In March, then champions Kings of Beasts, sent The Roman Dynasty to face La Famiglia in a Ladder match with a stipulation on the line being that if La Famiglia managed to win the match, they will get a title shot for the tag team championships. La Famiglia won the match!

In June, La Famiglia was ready to face the champions but to the surpise of all, Leon couldnt make it because of injury. Being the true champion that he says he is Red Scorpion brought a replacement. The replacement being Renegade from Hungary. Renegade and Red Scorpion won the match after Red held on the tights of Francesco Messina for the pin.

After the match, the referee re-watched the incident and the PWM management decided to give La Famiglia another title shot in November at Hell-Oween. With all odds on the line, finally La Famiglia managed to win the belts after hitting their finishing move on Red Scorpion, with Connor Matthews getting the winning pin for the team!


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