New number 1 contender for PWM Championship decided!

Published: 28/07/2019

At Green-Mist two of PWM favorites clashed to decide who will become the new number 1 contender for the PWM Championship. International superstar Gianni Valletta and Jack Quinn collided in a hard hitting and exciting match.

This was the first time mentor and student faced of in a one on one match in PWM. Quinn was outsmarting Valletta with his speed and agility, however Valletta’s experience was clear when he managed to stop Quinn’s attempt of a dive with a viscous clothesline.

Valletta dominated most of the match and also took the action on the outside into the crowd at one point. However Quinn managed to find an opening and after taking the big man down to his knees, hit his trusted shining wizard.

To the surprise of all, Valletta kicked out of Quinn’s finisher and after hitting two big moves of his own, it was clear Valletta had regained the upper hand. Just as everyone thought it was over for Quinn, Valletta got hold of his trusted chain. However Quinn managed to avoid the blow and threw his own cards into Valletta’s face which gave him an opening to hit another shining wizard and get the win.

This means that Jack Quinn will be facing his tag team partner and best friend Glamorous Roddy for the PWM Championship.

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