New PWM Champion crowned at Vendetta!

Published: 21/03/2019

Glamorous Roddy hasn’t had an easy 15 months. For a whole year he had been getting screwed over by a mysterious masked man. This masked man had been interfering in all of Roddy’s matches, including the triple treat match at ‘A Fighter’s Spirit’ against former champion Gianni Valletta and Cara Noir, where Glamorous Roddy was inches away from winning the big belt. The masked man ended up attacking Glamorous Roddy after the first successfull title defence against Ron Corvus at Hell-Oween. This time Glamorous Roddy was ready for him and after taking control of the situation, Roddy took the mask off and to the surprise of all, another mask was revealed. That mask was none other than of Red Scorpion.


With so many things going on through Roddy’s mind, he issued a challenge to Red Scorpion and put his prestigious belt on the line. At Vendetta the two ended up having a great main event. A match full of drama, spectacle, athleticism and action. However when Glamorous Roddy was inches away from victory, Red Scorpion’s protege, Leon came in rushing and took the champ out cold! This gave the upper hand to Scorpion who after a low blow and a falcon arrow, got the 3 count for the win. This puts Red Scorpion as the 4th PWM Champion in history.  Pro Wrestling Malta management has already agreed and issued a rematch for July 13th at ‘Green Mist’ between Red Scorpion and Glamorous Roddy for the PWM Championship after seeing the controversy of how the match finished. A stipulation will be decided at a later date.


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