New PWM Tag Team Champions crowned at Collision!

Published: 04/11/2019

It took 7 long months for Just 4 Kicks to be dethroned as Tag Champions. After VARDAS and Bagwell surprised everyone to become the number one contenders at Green Mist, everyone saw them as the underdogs. 2 guys, very different from each other, with very different styles and background.

They teamed up for the first time a year ago against VP Dozer and Nico Narcisio. Both guys suffered defeat after defeat and at Collision they walked in as the clear underdogs. Just 4 Kicks had experience, charisma and so much confidence coming in this match. But they underestimated the heart and courage the challengers had in them.

The champions took control most of the match, taunting the crowd and trying to keep VARDAS from giving the tag to Bagwell. VARDAS kept fighting back and after finding an opening he managed to tag in the big man Bagwell. With size being an advantage and being fresh in the match, Bagwell quickly took both opponents down. The match ended when Bagwell hit the blockbuster from the top rope on TJ Sky to win the championships for his team and bring the Tag Titles back home.

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