Malta The Damager’s NAX’s debut show

Malta The Damager, a PWM alumni, tag team partner with Gianni Valletta and a good friend of Pro Wrestling Malta is starting his own wrestling company in New York named NAX. Their debut show will be held on Saturday 29th June at the NYWC Sportatorium. A huge line-up has already been announced with a number […]

PWM Trainees to attend a major seminar in Italy

At the PWM Dojo we always encourage our trainees to keep investing in themselves and expand their wrestling knowledge. Between the 20th and 22nd of June, four of PWM’s trainees, all with different level of experience, will be attending a major seminar in Italy which will have some of the best trainers from around Europe, […]

GlamQuinn featured on Farsons’s monthly magazine

BEW Tag Team Champions and good friends Glamorous Roddy and Jack Quinn were featured on the latest edition of the Farson’s monthly magazine. The article highlights Pro Wrestling Malta’s next major event Green Mist featuring former WWE star Tajiri as well as the trips the tag team made in the past couple of months and […]

‘The Story’ #4 : VARDAS

When VARDAS joined the PWM Dojo back in 2016, he was the youngest one from all the trainees. Always training hard, rarely missing a class and being an exemplary student, after a year and a half, he was given the opportunity to debut at Pro Wrestling Malta’s 2017 Summer Event, Summertime Madness, as Marcus Hogan. […]

‘The Story’ #3 : Jack Quinn

PWM’s resident magician Jack Quinn is one of the most popular and rising local stars in the Pro Wrestling Malta’s roster. Whether it’s one of his cheeky magic tricks, a ‘tilt a whirl Russian leg sweep’ or his signature move the ‘Shining Wizard’, the fans always know that they are in for treat whenever Jack […]

PWM Championship successfully defended in Italy

For the first time ever the Pro Wrestling Malta Championship was defended overseas. This happened this past weekend, on Sunday 12th May; where BWT held an event in Medicina,Italy in front of a sold-out crowd. Current PWM Champion Red Scorpion defeated the giant from Switzerland, Drake Destroyer in his first title defence as champion. You […]

‘The Story’ #2 : Glamorous Roddy

A picture is worth a thousand words, but ‘Glamorous’ Roddy is only concerned in bringing glamour and style of his own to PWM events and other promotions around Europe. The enigmatic PWM Superstar has exhibited unbridled style of glamour. In fact, the bold competitor made his in-ring debut at PWM’s event Retribution back in 2016 […]

Glam-Quinn wrestling in Bologna this weekend

Two of Pro Wrestling Malta’s top athletes, Glamorous Roddy and Jack Quinn will be travelling to Bologna this weekend to wrestle for Bologna Wrestling Team. Glam-Quinn, will be taking their BEW Tag Team Championships to Italy for the first time and they may be also put them on the line against two of BWT’s local […]

Gianni Valletta competes in the prestigious Champion Carnival tournament

Champion Carnival is professional wrestling’s longest running singles tournament in history, which is oragnised by Japanese and international company AJPW. The first edition of the tournament was held back in 1973. For the first time ever Gianni Valletta competed in this prestigious tournament. Also the first time an athlete from Malta ever competed in the […]

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