PWM Athletes heading to UK in February

Last month, we had over at Pro Wrestling Malta, UK Wrestling Legend Marty Jones holding a 2 day seminar at the PWM Dojo. All of the PWM trainees attented the seminar and the seminar itself covered various topics from conditioning, ring awareness, learning of new and different techniques. A number of trainees attended the seminar […]

Gianni Valletta and Jack Quinn face off in UK

Last weekend, both Gianni Valletta and Jack Quinn returned to UK and ended up facing each other in the ring at Wrestling in Hinkley Christmas Rumble event held on Saturday 14th December. The two Maltese athletes were part of a fatal four way match which also included UK’s Steve Valentino and Joey Scott. Full of […]

Pro Wrestling in Milied fil-Misrah

Two weeks ago, exactly on the 1st of December, Pro Wrestling Malta was part of Milied fil-Misrah weekend of activities organised by Sezzjoni Zaghzagh Santa Marija of Mqabba, all in aid of Puttinu Cares. Pro Wrestling Malta held a show on Sunday afternoon and featured a huge number of the Pro Wrestling Malta roster. Apart […]

PWM & BEW Collide in a 4 vs 4 Special Main Event!

The name Collision was rightfully used for Pro Wrestling Malta’s last event for the year, as after Damien interfered during the supposedly Champion vs Champion, all hell broke loose. Joining Damien, the former Tag Champions Kieran Young and TJ Sky joined the British Team in on the attack on Glamorous Roddy with Jack Quinn and […]

Champion vs Champion ends in no contest

The first ever Champion vs Champion match in PWM history, were PWM Champion Glamorous Roddy and BEW Champion Kieran Korrup was a match everyone was looking forward to and a match which would decide the better brand between Pro Wrestling Malta and British Empire Wrestling. Both champions had a huge weight to carry on their […]

PWM vs BEW special match at Collision

2 of PWM’s fastest rising stars, Jack Quinn and Owen Blanco, and one of BEW’s biggest stars Damien collided together in a massive triple treat match at Collision. Fans in attendance thought the BEW athlete would be at a disadvantage going against 2 of the local competitors but Owen Blanco with his manager, “The Evil […]

First ever female title match in PWM history

For the first time ever a female title match was held at a Pro Wrestling Malta event. BEW Female champion Kat Von Kaige came to Malta for the first time to defend her title against the German Lexa Valo. This was also the second time ever a female match happened in a PWM ring. Kat […]

New PWM Tag Team Champions crowned at Collision!

It took 7 long months for Just 4 Kicks to be dethroned as Tag Champions. After VARDAS and Bagwell surprised everyone to become the number one contenders at Green Mist, everyone saw them as the underdogs. 2 guys, very different from each other, with very different styles and background. They teamed up for the first […]

PWM Tag Team Titles on the line at Collision!

At PWM’s last show, Green Mist, VARDAS and Rob Bagwell defeated the Heavyweight Heartbreakers to become the number one contenders for the PWM Tag Team Titles and will face current champions TJ Sky and Kieran Young this coming Saturday. This will be the 3’rd title defence for Just 4 Kicks after defending the titles in […]

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