No more Famiglia!

Published: 04/08/2019

The cracks between La Famiglia members have been appearing for a while now. After they lost their Tag Titles last March at Vendetta against Just 4 Kicks there was already some arguments going on between Connor ‘The Wall’ Matthews and Francesco Messina.

Trying to put their differences aside, La Famiglia teamed up again to take on Kieran Young and TJ Sky in a rematch for the PWM Tag Team Titles. However unfortunately for them, they were unsuccessful in recapturing the belts.

Both Messina and Matthews got frustrated from the result and started blaming one another for what happened. When it looked that everything started to calmed down, Messina pulled Connor back and gave him a big low blow and left him lying down in the middle of the ring.

This seems to be the end of La Famiglia for the time being. But what will happen between Messina and Connor? Will Connor try and get his revenge on Francesco for what he did to him?

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