PWM & BEW Collide in a 4 vs 4 Special Main Event!

Published: 08/11/2019

The name Collision was rightfully used for Pro Wrestling Malta’s last event for the year, as after Damien interfered during the supposedly Champion vs Champion, all hell broke loose. Joining Damien, the former Tag Champions Kieran Young and TJ Sky joined the British Team in on the attack on Glamorous Roddy with Jack Quinn and Owen Blanco coming for the save for Team PWM. With Team PWM still outnumbered and getting beaten up by Team BEW it seemed that all hope was lost, when the injured Gianni Valletta’s music suddenly started playing and the leader of Pro Wrestling Malta made his way to the ring furious to the delight of the crowd and cleared house.

No one knew exactly what was going to happen, when the new General Manager Daoud Khan made his was out of the curtain announcing that this event will have a final match and continued by announcing for the first time ever a 4 vs 4 special elimination tag match to end this once and for all.

With a picture worth a million dollars, Team PWM and Team BEW all faced each other in the ring. However that didn’t last long as all 8 wrestlers started brawling all over the arena in a scene never seen before in Malta. At one point Jack Quinn and Kieran Young found themselves back in the ring and Quinn hit his Shining wizard to eliminate the first person from team BEW. At that point team BEW surrounded Quinn and held him back as long as they could, however Quinn managed to find an opening and tag in the PWM Champion Glamorous Roddy who started firing up on the big Damien. Roddy and Quinn then double teamed Damien but in an unexpected turn, Quinn mistakenly hit Roddy with a knee giving an opening to Damien to eliminate Quinn with a giant chokeslam.

Owen Blanco came in and started hammering on Damien but the experience of Damien was clear who made a quick work of Blanco and eliminating him with a pop up samoan drop. Gianni Valletta then stepped in and eliminated Damien with a discus clothesline leaving both team PWM and team BEW with 2 members left. TJ Sky got in next and started hitting the injured arm of Gianni Valletta, but his own distractions while taunting the crowd allowed Valletta to find an opening an hit a combo of lariat and tiger driver on TJ Sky. To the surprise of all TJ Sky kicked out and later when the ref had his back turned, hit Valletta with a low blow and eliminated him to give a very good advantage to the british team.

The PWM Champion again with a huge burden to carry, stepped in the ring and quickly eliminated TJ Sky to bring the match back where it started, champion against champion. The two champions started brawling all over the ring with Kieran Korrup hitting a super kick on Glamorous Roddy. The BEW champion then stepped up on the top rope but ended up missing a frog splash leaving Roddy open to lock on his submission and making Kieran tap out and give the win to Team PWM and Malta.

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