PWM Championship successfully defended in Italy

Published: 14/05/2019

For the first time ever the Pro Wrestling Malta Championship was defended overseas. This happened this past weekend, on Sunday 12th May; where BWT held an event in Medicina,Italy in front of a sold-out crowd. Current PWM Champion Red Scorpion defeated the giant from Switzerland, Drake Destroyer in his first title defence as champion. You can watch the full match by clicking here.

Jack Quinn and Glamorous Roddy were also in action. They competed in a 3-way dance against local wrestler Jacob Rokar, with former PWM Champion Glamorous Roddy picking up the win.

VP Dozer, Nico Narciso and former PWM Tag Team Champion Leon who all competed in a PWM ring in the past were also competing and were all victorious in their respective matches.

Red Scorpion will be back in Malta and defend the PWM Championship at the July 13th event Green Mist. Tickets can be bought here.

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