PWM rookie shocks Adam Envy with surprise win at Spring Stampede

Published: 17/04/2023

Envy arrived at Spring Stampede with a point to prove

It was a clash of egos and ambitions in the second match at Spring Stampede, where Adam Envy came in with a chip on his shoulder after costing Jack Quinn the PWM Championship at Friends or Foes. Envy wasted no time in calling out Quinn, claiming that he doesn’t deserve another title shot and should be replaced by Envy himself in the main event that night. A bold move from a hungry challenger looking to prove why he’s the best that PWM has to offer.

But to Envy’s surprise and dismay, his challenge was answered by none other than PWM rookie, Riccardo Pellegrino. This 23-year-old Italian rookie, with hopes of becoming an international pro wrestler, moved all the way to Malta just to train under PWM coach Gianni Valletta. He arrived at Spring Stampede determined to show the Maltese crowd what he was made of.

Pellegrino started the match strong with an array of pinning techniques, but Envy quickly took control with a sneaky eye rake. He spent most of the match taunting and beating down Pellegrino, who refused to back down and kept fighting back. Just as Envy was about to hit his signature move, the Kiss Turnover, he was distracted by Jack Quinn’s music. And that’s when Pellegrino saw his chance and rolled up Envy for his first singles win in his pro wrestling career!

wrestling victory

Riccardo Pellegrino celebrates his first professional victory

But Envy couldn’t take the loss and resorted to attacking both Pellegrino and the referee, fuming that he lost to a rookie. That’s when Jack Quinn stepped in and challenged Envy to join their title match, making it a triple threat for the PWM Championship between Red Scorpion, Quinn himself, and of course, Envy. This was going to be an explosive, no-holds-barred match with three pro wrestlers who are determined to come out on top.

An irate Envy attacks the referee after the match

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