PWM TV from January 8th on NET TV

Published: 07/01/2019

PWMTV will start airing on NET TV with the first episode scheduled for Tuesday 8th January 2019 at 10.10pm. Past and present local and international talent will be available to watch on PWMTV.

We would like to thank our sponsors of PWMTV:

  • Inspectra Ltd.
  • Metall Insula Promotions
  • Tal-Paradise Gas Fixed Point / Distributors
  • RC Reclaiming Childhood
  • La Stalla Restaurant
  • SEKA Qawra
  • Watson’s Pub
  • 292 Engineering

Also thanks to our friends at:

  • Crystal Mountain Media for our website,
  • It came from the Desert for the official PWMTV Theme Song and
  • Miguel Tabone for the video editing and production of the final product.
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