PWM vs BEW special match at Collision

Published: 06/11/2019

2 of PWM’s fastest rising stars, Jack Quinn and Owen Blanco, and one of BEW’s biggest stars Damien collided together in a massive triple treat match at Collision. Fans in attendance thought the BEW athlete would be at a disadvantage going against 2 of the local competitors but Owen Blanco with his manager, “The Evil Genious” Renik, has been making a name for himself as the top bad guy in the company.

Blanco and Quinn tried to out-power the humongous Damien but he was too strong to be taken head on so the PWM guys decided to team up and together managed to take down the big guy with Quinn going for a huge dive straight after on the outside. With Quinn fired up, he tried to go for another dive but Blanco once again showed his true colors and almost killed Quinn with a viscous clothesline.

This match was truly the match of the night with all 3 guys kept going at it back and forth till all of the competitors were down. No one could predict or even have an idea who the final winner was gonna be, with all 3 wrestlers being so equal in the ring in their own way, however in the end it was Damien to got the win over Jack Quinn after a massive michinoku driver.

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