Spring Stampede – International Tag Team Champions Retain their Titles in Malta

Published: 11/04/2023

Picture this: It’s the start of Spring Stampede, and the energy in the air is electric. The first match is for the Pro Wrestling Malta Tag Team Championship, and it’s a real barn burner. Hamez and Kyle Broox, known as 2nd II None, are the champs, and they’re up against a tough Italian tag team, Zack O’Neill and the ‘Warrior of the Street’, Luther.

But here’s the thing – 2nd II None aren’t just champions, they’re champions with heart. They’re riding high after winning the tag titles from Adam Envy and Renik back in November, and then defending them in the UK. These guys have been through the wringer, and they’re not about to let anyone take their hard-earned belts. You can feel the intensity in the arena as they step into  the ring. It’s about more than just a title – it’s about pride, it’s about passion, and it’s about the love of the sport.

Pro Wrestling Malta Tag Team Champions – 2nd II None

Meanwhile the duo from Torino arrive with a wealth of experience in FIW Italian Champion Luther, a veteran of the European pro wrestling scene, having battled the likes of Tom La Ruffa, Gianni Valletta, and Red Scorpion among others, adding to his training under the tutelage of Ultimo Dragon, Tajiri, and UK wrestling legend Marty Jones. Teaming up with the cocky up and coming Zack O’Neil, back in familiar parts, having spent 8 years of his life residing in the Maltese islands. Back with a certain hunger to take the PWM Tag Team Championship back to his native land, this may prove to be the Maltese champions’ toughest task yet.

‘The Warrior of the Street’ and Zack O’Neil

2nd II None started the match on the front foot, displaying a vast array of tag team manoeuvres against the visiting team, focusing on O’Neil’s leg and torso, until interference from Luther shifted the momentum to the Italians’ side.What came next was a series of double-team moves, illegal chokes behind the referee’s back, countless chops and hair-pulling to keep Hamez down. Try as he may to get to his partner, Luther and O’Neil would manage to keep him on their side of the ring.

A sequence of punches, a double-clothesline, and four ‘ejja minn hemm’ shouts later, and Hamez would manage to get the tag to Kyle Broox, who would unleash his frustration on his opponents with a flurry of  clotheslines and enziguri kicks, leading to his signature Blue Thunder Bomb on O’Neil.

This led Broox to tag Hamez to hit their double-team finisher, ‘No 2nd Chances’, on Luther. But that was not enough for the Tag Team Champions, who wanted to send a statement to the rest of the tag teams around Europe. They both climbed the top rope, and wowed the fans with a double splash on both their adversaries, leading Broox to pick up the win to retain the titles for 2nd II None.

2nd II None with the double splash from the top rope to seal the win for the Maltese Champions

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