Still your PWM Champion….Jack Quinn!

Published: 01/06/2022

Jack Quinn is cementing himself as one of the most dominant champions in the history of PWM. He extended his winning streak to 4 wins in 3 major events after beating the challenger at Chapter 7, Bullit.

During the match, people were starting to have doubts if this time Quinn will manage to get the victory, because the sheer size difference between Bullit and Quinn, and Bullit decimating the champion in the first part of the match.

However, we all learnt to never put Quinn out of the picture till the match is officially finished. Whilst Bullit was getting more confident and dare say taking Quinn for granted, Quinn managed to find an opening and after a barrage of different kicks and having the PWM crowd behind him, Quinn managed to hit the shining wizard for the 3 count.

Who will challenge the PWM champion next and try to take away the title?

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