Summertime Madness IV: L-Istandard’s Blanco and Ferrari Retain Titles Amid Controversy

Published: 03/07/2024

Summertime Madness IV was an event filled with championship pedigree, and the Pro Wrestling Malta Tag Team championship match between the champions Owen Blanco and Fabio Ferrari – representing L-Istandard, and challengers Jack Quinn and Tommy Jupiter definitely lived up to the hype. The champions were accompanied by the rest of the members of L-Istandard – Pro Wrestling Malta champion Adam Envy and their cunning manager, Daoud Khan.

The champions were in no mood for games, as they immediately attacked their opponents once the bell rang, looking to gain any advantage they could over the newly formed tag team. Quinn and Jupiter would quickly turn the tables on them, sending them both into the corner and delivering 10 punches to the crowd’s delight. Once the dust settled, both teams went into their respective corners, leaving Quinn and Blanco – longtime rivals – in the ring to start the bout.

Blanco started strong by delivering a shoulder tackle to Quinn, who would kip up immediately after, showing no signs of being hurt. This infuriated the Noble one, who simply pushed Quinn to the ground, toying with him in a way, only for Quinn to get back up and go back to his old bag of tricks – card tricks that is, as he pulled out a magic card from his pants and shoved it in Blanco’s face, which only continued to infuriate the tag team champion.

Quinn immediately took advantage of Blanco’s lapse in concentration, using his quickness to deliver a sharp low dropkick followed by a stiff kick to the head, leaving Blanco dazed. Quinn kept pushing with this momentum, sending Blanco to the corner and hitting his signature running knee strike, leaving Blanco down with what seemed like a match-ending injury – with both referees checking whether Blanco could continue. This was only a ruse from the Noble one, who took advantage of Quinn lowering his defenses to deliver a devastating clothesline to put The Standard right in the driver’s seat.

What followed was a series of impressive double-team moves by Ferrari and Blanco, not giving Quinn a moment’s peace and more importantly, not allowing him to tag his partner Tommy Jupiter. It only took one small opening for Quinn to push Blanco back and make the tag to Jupiter, who finally entered the match with momentum on his side; taking out Ferrari with three consecutive hip takedowns before Blanco interfered and hit a destructive double move to take back control.

Just as Jupiter and Quinn were getting their momentum back, hitting the champions with their best moves, Blanco would interfere behind the referee’s back, hitting Quinn with a low blow and allowing Ferrari to pick up the victory, with the team successfully retaining the Pro Wrestling Malta Tag Team championship. Which team will be able to knock The Standard off their perch, if any? We will see if that happens at Pro Wrestling Malta’s next event, “Ascend to Glory” on November 2nd, at Montekristo Estates.


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