Summertime Madness IV: Red Scorpion Triumphs Over Maverick Amidst Heated Maltese Crowd

Published: 17/06/2024

Summertime Madness IV kicked off with a bang as the Red Scorpion faced off against Hungary’s Untamed Reptile, Maverick. The match began with Scorpion on top, delivering an impressive dropkick to the Hungarian and showing off at every opportunity. Scorpion’s penchant for antagonizing the Maltese crowd in Montekristo has made him one of the most hated members of the Pro Wrestling Malta roster, which had the crowd firmly behind Maverick from the start.

Maverick quickly retaliated with a series of shoulder tackles, making his presence known on the local stage. Scorpion then exited the ring to regroup and disrupt Maverick’s momentum, but the Hungarian was having none of it. Maverick immediately went after Scorpion, even enlisting an audience member’s help to hold Scorpion while Maverick delivered a chop to the Italian!

Back in the ring, Maverick prepared to hit Scorpion with a top rope move, only for the Italian to push the referee into the ropes. This caused Maverick to fall and hit his… delicate area, allowing Scorpion to regain control of the match. Despite the setback, the Hungarian, with the crowd’s support, refused to give up and landed a devastating backstabber to weaken the former Pro Wrestling Malta champion.

A series of pinning combinations and reversals followed, with both wrestlers looking to end the match. Ultimately, Scorpion secured the victory with his devastating back suplex variation, much to the dismay of the Maltese crowd. What’s next for Red Scorpion on these shores? We may find out on November 2nd, when Pro Wrestling Malta returns to Montekristo for Ascend to Glory.


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