Summertime Madness IV: Wildman retains his title in a brutal bout

Published: 25/06/2024

The Pro Wrestling Malta fans were in for a treat at Summertime Madness IV, as PWM founder and AIWF European Champion, The Wildman Gianni Valletta made his long-awaited return, defending his championship against the former NXT UK star, Sam Gradwell in what was a grueling encounter.

This match was not for the faint-hearted, as both wrestlers were set to give it their all in the ring and pulled no punches in a hard-hitting bout. Gradwell started strong, putting the Wildman in an extremely tight headlock, which left Gianni dazed. The champion managed to wriggle out of it, sending Gradwell down with a clothesline and delivering a strong leg drop to the delight of the Maltese fans.

The fight then spilled to the outside, with both combatants taking advantage of the rough infrastructure at the arena in Montekristo, slamming one another into the steel guard rails before Gradwell made his escape into the ring and used the ropes to take the advantage against the Wildman. Gianni would not give up easily however – coming back into the match by delivering a devastating shoulder tackle from the second rope, leaving the Pro Wrestling Malta fans in awe.

Gradwell would soon come back into the fight, sending Gianni to the outside and delivering a jumping clothesline of his own, leaving the AIWF European champion dazed, before sending him back into the ring and hitting him with an impressive STO takedown, with Gianni kicking out at 2. Gradwell would then visit the top rope, hoping to end the match once and for all, only for Valletta to go for him and hit an insanely powerful superplex; which was not enough as Gradwell kicked out at 2.

What followed was a classic back-and-forth sparring contest, with neither side willing to budge. Gradwell picked Gianni on his back, looking for his finishing maneuver, only for Valletta to reverse it, hitting a devastating discus clothesline followed by a powerbomb to seal the victory and retain his title. What’s next for the Wildman? We will find out on November 2nd, as Pro Wrestling Malta returns to Montekristo for “Ascend to Glory”.




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