Tag Team Champions retain in brutal Hardcore Match at Fall Brawl!

Published: 06/12/2023

The Pro Wrestling Malta Tag Team Champions, Second II None, had a brutal obstacle in their way on their one-year anniversary of winning the titles at Fall Brawl, as they faced the Hungarian duo of Ron Corvus and Ozzy Spencer in a Tornado Tag Team Hardcore Match. In this kind of match, there is only one rule, and that is – there are no rules, anything goes, and both teams made the most of it early on, using weapons hidden under the ring for their advantage.

Corvus and Ozzy are no strangers to this kind of match, with the hardcore match being a staple of their careers in HCW in Hungary, with Corvus, in particular, being a former HCW Hardcore Champion. Corvus also has a history of hardcore matches in Malta, having competed in a singles hardcore match against Joseph Hammer at PWM: United We Stand, Divided We Fall back in 2018.

The champions had their work cut out for them and they pulled no punches in what was a hard-hitting brawl for the tag titles which was contested all over the arena in Montekristo. It took broomsticks, steel chairs, baking trays, nunchucks, and even a road sign for either team to get the upper hand in this tough bout, with the tag champions then looking to use a wooden table to get the advantage.

The tables were turned on the champions, however, as the Hungarian duo reversed Second II None’s attempts to use the table, and ended up powerbombing Hamez through the table, only for Kyle Brooks to break the pin in the last minute. The winning blow was struck by the Tag Team Champions however, as they hit their finishing move, No Second Chances, on Ron Corvus through two steel chairs to retain their Championship yet again.

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