“The Standard” Proclaims Dominance: Blanco and Ferrari Seize Tag Team Gold Amid Controversy

Published: 19/02/2024

In a night filled with bold statements and intense showdowns, Pro Wrestling Malta’s heavyweight champion, Adam Envy, alongside Noble Owen Blanco, Prodigy Sean Ludwig JR, and manager Daoud Khan, collectively known as “The Standard,” made their intentions clear to the fans before a high-stakes tag team match. The objective: to claim all the gold in their path.

Facing off against the formidable tag team champions, Hamez and Kyle Brooks (Second II None), Blanco teamed up with the Red Devil, Fabio Ferrari, in a bid to rewrite the narrative. As “The Standard” asserted their dominance, they left no room for doubt—they were on a mission.

However, the tag team champions, with a year-long reign to defend, entered the arena with unwavering energy and determination. The match kicked off with Ferrari and Hamez locking horns, setting the stage for a gripping battle. Ferrari’s antics, including hair-pulling and a disrespectful slap to Hamez’s face, only fueled the fire within the tag team champion.

After a series of tandem offence by Second II None on Owen Blanco, Khan would help his team get the advantage by tripping Kyle Brooks, leading to a period of dominance for the newly formed tag team. Brooks would eventually manage to get the tag to Hamez, who unleashed a barrage of punches to the head on both his opponents, leading into a tandem ankle lock on both opponents, the same way that Second II None won their tag team titles in November 2022 at Friends or Foes.

The outside forces of Khan and Ludwig JR proved to be a challenging factor, creating distractions and climbing onto the apron. Just as Blanco and Ferrari were poised to submit, a well-timed strike from Ferrari’s signature tennis racket went unnoticed by the referee. In a controversial twist, “The Standard” seized victory, claiming the Tag Team Championship and solidifying their status as a force to be reckoned with in Pro Wrestling Malta.


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