‘The Story’ #1 : La Famiglia

Published: 04/05/2019

Since Pro Wrestling Malta’s first live event ‘Il-Bidu’ back in 2015, ‘The Don’ Francesco Messina formed a group named La Famiglia. The first member picked and given the role of the bodyguard and muscle of the team was Connor Matthews with Giuseppe joining on the same night after backstabbing Malta the Damager and aligning himself with Messina.

At Dare To Dream, a rumble match took place to crown the first ever Pro Wrestling Malta Champion. After Messina got eliminated from the match by Gianni Valletta, he got back in the match and with Giuseppe teamed up in throwing out Valletta and helping Giuseppe win the match and becoming the first ever champion. Being a loyal member to the group and to his leader, Giuseppe gave his newly won title to Francesco Messina in a very controversial ending to the night.

Francesco Messina, with the help of La Famiglia held the title for over 7 months whilst in the mean time Connor Matthews and Giuseppe competed in tag team matches and the whole group working together to dominate all of Pro Wrestling Malta. After Connor and Giuseppe lost their match at Retribution and Giuseppe not being successful in helping Francesco retain the championship in the event prior, Francesco got fed up with Giuseppe and considering him the weak link, together with Matthews, attacked him and kicked him out of the team.

That same night Messina and Connor teamed up and faced Kieran Young and Giuseppe himself in the semifinal match for the PWM Tag Team Championship tournament. In a huge turn of events, long time rival of La Famiglia, Kieran Young turned on Giusppe and become the newest member of the group. As they say, if you cannot beat them, join them.

In late 2017 Kieran Young suffered a year long injury. During Young’s time out of wrestling, The Don and Connor became the PWM tag team champions after a year long feud with then champions ‘Kings of Beasts’ Red Scorpion and Leon. Their title reign however didnt last long as during the next major event, TJ Sky challenged La Famiglia for a title shot. To the surprise of everyone, especially La Famiglia themselves, a returning Kieran Young joined TJ Sky and together they became the new Tag Team Champions.

La Famiglia has been a dominant force in Pro Wrestling Malta since the start. Now having lost their titles, their goal is to regain what has been taken away from them and return to the top and continue their domination of PWM.

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