‘The Story’ #2 : Glamorous Roddy

Published: 10/05/2019

A picture is worth a thousand words, but ‘Glamorous’ Roddy is only concerned in bringing glamour and style of his own to PWM events and other promotions around Europe.

The enigmatic PWM Superstar has exhibited unbridled style of glamour. In fact, the bold competitor made his in-ring debut at PWM’s event Retribution back in 2016 and with an immediate win he proved himself to be someone not to be taken lightly.

Despite his over-the-top behaviour, ’Glamorous’ Roddy’s proved himself that he can toe to toe with any kind of opponent, by showcasing great technical and high-flying work as well as brawling when needed. ’Glamorous’ Roddy wears his passion on his sleeve every time he speaks about his vision for wrestling and declaring his desire to work hard every-time he steps inside the 4-sided ring.

Moving forward, ’Glamorous’ Roddy’ rose to the main event scene after winning a Royal Rumble match a year after his debut thus becoming the number one contender for the PWM Championship. He kept hold to his title shot for months until United We Stand, Divded We Fall event in June 2018 when he cashed in on Gianni Valletta and got the 3 count for the win. During the same period Roddy and Jack Quinn started to team up overseas and managed to get their hands on the BEW Tag Team Championships, which they still hold to this day.

For the whole of 2018, a masked man was interfering in Roddy’s matches. This masked man turned out to be none other than Red Scorpion, who challenged and defeated Roddy for the PWM Championship during our last major event, Vendetta. Glamorous Roddy can still get his hands back on his ‘Glamorous’ Championship as he will be facing Red Scorpion in a rematch on July 13th at Green-Mist


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