‘The Story’ #3 : Jack Quinn

Published: 23/05/2019

PWM’s resident magician Jack Quinn is one of the most popular and rising local stars in the Pro Wrestling Malta’s roster. Whether it’s one of his cheeky magic tricks, a ‘tilt a whirl Russian leg sweep’ or his signature move the ‘Shining Wizard’, the fans always know that they are in for treat whenever Jack Quinn makes his way to the ring.

Quinn is one of the few athletes from the PWM roster who was there from the very beginning. In 2014, Quinn was present for the very first session of training and has never looked back since. A couple of years later, PWM wrestling fans were finally introduced to the magician at the first event of 2016, Hail to the King, where he was part of the opening match which included the monster Leon and Zaeken from France. Unfortunately for Quinn, Leon was too much for his opponents and ended up going home with the win.

That was just the start of the road for Quinn. He became a stable member of the PWM roster and was wrestling in all of the events held. He continuously improved in the ring and was facing members from all over the world including current PWM tag team champion TJ Sky, Joey Axl, Chief Deputy Dunne and most recently facing and defeating Karim Brigante at PWM’s ‘Vendetta’ March 2019 show.

In 2018 Quinn started to take his talents over sees and has wrestled in a number of promotions in Italy and the United Kingdom such as British Empire Wrestling where Jack Quinn holds the tag team title championships with Glamorous Roddy.

Along with his tag team partner Glamourous Roddy, Quinn will be heading out to ‘Bologna Wrestling Team’ in Italy on the 12th of May and will also also be at ’ KWF’ wrestling in Jordan on the 28th of June.

Jack Quinn will be present at Pro Wrestling Malta’s next major event Green-Mist on the 13th of July.


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