‘The Story’ #4 : VARDAS

Published: 30/05/2019

When VARDAS joined the PWM Dojo back in 2016, he was the youngest one from all the trainees. Always training hard, rarely missing a class and being an exemplary student, after a year and a half, he was given the opportunity to debut at Pro Wrestling Malta’s 2017 Summer Event, Summertime Madness, as Marcus Hogan. A tribute to the legendary Hulk Hogan. During this debut however, his efforts were cut short in the opening match of the night against La Famiglia’s Francesco Messina.

This quick loss made VARDAS think his next steps carefully. After a lot of more of training and working on his mistakes, he decided to repackage himself as VARDAS. His first match with his new persona was at Fighter’s Spirit against the current PWM Tag Team Champion TJ Sky. With his great performance VARDAS proved himself to not only the crowd in attendance but also to the whole locker room, and showed that VARDAS is here to stay.

His next big match was at United We Stand, Divided We Fall, where VARDAS had to face not one but two opponents. These opponents were none other than one of PWM’s best Glamorous Roddy and Nico Narcisio. VARDAS gave everything he had in this match, but still could not pick up the win as the victory went to Nico Narcisio who pinned Glamorous Roddy at the end of the match. VARDAS returned at Hell-o-ween, this time teaming with ‘Rockstar’ Rob Bagwell to face the team representing BWT made up of Nico Narcisio and VP Dozer. The heart, strength and determination of the local duo however wasn’t enough, as Nico and VP Dozer were the team to claim the victory.

As the losing streak of VARDAS continued,  it was announced that he will be facing Owen Blanco at the next major event. The odds in this match where stacked against VARDAS way before the match started due to his physical structure compared with Owen Blanco’s size, strength and charisma. Blanco showed dominance during most of the match with VARDAS fighting back to keep himself in the match. Experience however was on VARDAS’s side this time around and his determination paid off when during a sleeper hold that Blanco had applied, VARDAS reversed it into a pin and claimed his first victory to the surprise and delight of the PWM crowd.

VARDAS’s losing streak finally came to an end and now he can look forward to bigger goals. PWM’s favorite underdog will be at Green-Mist ready to face his next challenge. Book your tickets here and have the chance to meet VARDAS himself as well as former WWE star Tajiri


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