‘The Story’ #7 : Kieran Young

Published: 02/07/2019

Kieran Young has been a part of Pro Wrestling Malta’s roster since our first live event ‘Il-Bidu’ back in 2015. ‘The Enemy’ or Kieran Young , as he is well known, tagged with Malta the Damager to face La Famiglia and won his match via disqualification.

Throughout his numerous matches in Malta he has achieved a lot. He is proud to say that he was part of the first ever PWM TLC match and the first ever British wrestlers to become the PWM tag team champions. As mentioned, Young was part of the first ever TLC match. This happened at Welcome to The Family event, where then champion Francesco Messina put his title on the line for the first time. Unfortunately for Young, Messina came out on top, but Kieran Young never lost hope and still aims to one day become the PWM Champion.

Kieran Young was always one to use his head inside and outside of the ring. After months of being tormented by La Famiglia, at Hail to the King during in his fight with Joseph Hammer vs La Famglia, he betrayed Joseph Hammer and joined La Famiglia as their newest member. This was a pure example of the saying ‘if you can’t beat them, join them!’

At Vendetta, Kieran Young return to PWM after a year of absence due to injury and teamed up with his long time friend and tag partner in UK TJ Sky to take on La Famiglia for their newly won Tag Team Championships. They came out on top and will be looking to defend their titles this coming July 13th at Green Mist.

Kieran Young is proud to say that he accomplished more achievement. Since his debut in wrestling in 2010 he held the Phoenix wrestling association championship twice. He has also held the Phoenix Wrestling Association Tag Team Championships with Tomas James Sky, Coventry Pro Wrestling Triple Threat Championship and the Coventry Pro Wrestling Heavyweight championship.

Young will be at Green Mist featuring Tajiri on the 13th of July at Palace Theatre in Paola. Tickets are on sale here






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