Two of Europe’s top heavyweight stars collide in a PWM ring

Published: 30/03/2020

Two of Europe’s most renowned heavyweight pro wrestlers at the moment clashed in Malta a number of weeks ago at PWM’s first major event of the year. The local favorite Gianni Valletta took on the cocky and arrogant Italian, Fabio Ferrari. The two world renowned athletes had just met for the first time a week prior during an All Star Wrestling event in Croydon.

Ferrari started off by showing everyone his cocky side by showing off after a failed quick pins attempts on Valletta, however it was Valletta who had the last laugh by exposing his opponent’s backside to the delight of the crowd in attendance. After that it was a legit clash of the heavyweights when both athletes kept trying to outpowering the other.

At the end it was Gianni Valletta who with a TKO put down Fabio Ferrari for the 3 count.

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