VARDAS’s losing streak comes to an end!

Published: 09/04/2019

VARDAS has been a mainstay in the PWM roster for over a year now. The underdog, who says comes from planet Uranus, did not have it easy during his time in Pro Wrestling Malta. Being very quick and agile, but small in size, he usually had to face bigger and much stronger opponents than him. He made his official debut in 2018 at Fighter’s Spirit where he had a great performance against TJ Sky, with the latter also congratulating him for his performance after the match.

A year later, a much improved and experienced VARDAS stepped in the ring with Owen Blanco who is double the size of VARDAS and was without his manager Renik, who is usually always by his side.  After beign dominated throughout most of the match but continuously fighting back, VARDAS reversed Blanco’s sleeper hold into a pin of his own to get the surprise victory. VARDAS has shown to the crowd and all PWM fans that there is always, even if all the odds are against you.

VARDAS will be back in action on July 13’s event featuring former WWE star Tajiri. Tickets can be bought here


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